3D Printed Food

To bad it’s just the sugary stuff. Try the bacon next, right?

This is what 3D-Printed Food looks like! from @TechSmartt

At CES 2014, 3D Systems introduced the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro—3D printers that build food! Items such as geometric sugar designs, to ceramic art pieces. With 3D printing thriving, just imagine what kinds of foods we’ll be able to print next! How does it look and taste? Let’s find out!

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Author: Webmistress

The journey down the bacon paved path began with a Valentine Bake Sale at work. Bacon Roses, Bacon Chocolates; and the deluge of Bacon Recipes began. So. Gotta blog all these good bacon scrumptiousnesses and this is just the beginning. The plan is to update the Geeky Food Blog with new recipes and articles of interest. This blogger is a Knowledge Manager, Database Administrator and Web Designer.

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