Cheesy Bacon Croissants

Amber's Cream Cheesy Bacon Croissants

Amber’s Cream Cheesy Bacon Croissants


Bacon Cream Cheese Croissants
Yields 16
Wonderful Bacon Cream Cheese Croissants
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  1. 2 cans Croissants
  2. 8oz cream cheese
  3. 1 lb Bacon
  1. Fry the bacon until it is extra crispy, once cools crumble up the bacon and then add it to the softened cream cheese.
  2. Once mixed, open the croissants, and place the desired amount of mixture in the croissant, then fold it and bake on 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown!
Something else I tried – I replaced the bacon with sausage and it was amazing too!! Enjoy (
geeks love bacon!
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Amber with her Cream Cheese Bacon Croissants

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