Bacon & Melon Snack

Bacon Melon Snack

Bacon Melon Snack


Bacon & Melon Snack
So simple but Mmmmm sounds good!
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  1. Bacon
  2. Cantaloupe
  3. Toothpicks
  1. Cube the cantaloupe and put in a large covered container
  2. Cook the bacon in a skillet over medium high heat and drain on paper towel
  3. When bacon is cool, tear pieces into 2 inch strips
  4. On a plate, place one piece of bacon onto one piece of cantaloupe and secure with a toothpick.
  1. Make as many as you or your guests are hungry for. A whole pound of bacon and a whole melon will make over 30 pieces. Enjoy!
Adapted from autoimmune foodie
Adapted from autoimmune foodie
geeks love bacon!
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The journey down the bacon paved path began with a Valentine Bake Sale at work. Bacon Roses, Bacon Chocolates; and the deluge of Bacon Recipes began. So. Gotta blog all these good bacon scrumptiousnesses and this is just the beginning. The plan is to update the Geeky Food Blog with new recipes and articles of interest. This blogger is a Knowledge Manager, Database Administrator and Web Designer.

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