Cheesy Bacon Quiche

Juan's Quiche

Juan’s Quiche


Juan and Emily’s Cheesy Bacon Quiche
Yields 2
Cheesy Bacon Quiche to die for
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  1. Prepared deep dish pie crusts
  2. 7 Eggs about a cup of milk or cream (depending on what you have and if you are trying to watch calories)
  3. 3 Handfuls of shredded cheese
  1. Mix those together with whisk, add 3 handfuls of shredded cheese, i used Colby jack. Then add your meat.
  2. The Bacon needs to be cooked, cooled, and chopped. use as much as you want.
  3. Then season to taste, I use Adobo ( which has salt, pepper, garlic, and onion in it).
  4. Bake @350 for 45-1 hr til golden brown and set in middle. Make sure you put them on a cookie sheet in case they spill over.
  1. This makes 2 Quiche and you can use whatever meat and cheese you like – plus add veggies or whatever else suits you.
geeks love bacon!
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Juan with Quiche

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