Health Benefits of Spices

Spices-on-Spoons from PaleoLeap

Spices-on-Spoons from PaleoLeap

“Delicious” isn’t really the first word that comes to mind when we think of medicinal plants. Most of us probably picture a stringy green blob of some no-doubt powerful herb, or an odd-smelling tincture of bark or roots. It might be worthwhile to choke them down for the sake of your health, but they certainly aren’t foods we’d choose to eat, given the option of something more appetizing.

This is actually a false assumption, though, since spices – which we deliberately add to our food to make it taste better – are some of the most powerful medicinal plants around. Some of the earliest folk remedies in ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine involved spices of one kind or another, and as it turns out, the old wives’ tales might actually have a grain of truth to them: spices are powerful medicines, and free of many of the side effects that make prescription medicines so dangerous.

These all-natural therapies have great benefits when they’re concentrated in pill form, but even better, some of them actually work even in the small amounts you’d ordinarily sprinkle on your food. Without even walking into a health-food store, take a look at what ordinary flavorings can do for you:  Read the full article on PaleoLeap

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