How Wil Wheaton Prepares Bacon

How Wil Wheaton prepares bacon to….”maximize your enjoyment of all its magical goodness.”

1) You only start with high quality bacon, none of that cheap Farmer John bullshit.

2.) Let your bacon sit at room temperature for up to 20 minutes.

3.) Put your bacon into a cold frying pan.

4.) Look back at 3), because this is really important: you put it into a cold pan. You do this because you’re rendering the fat off the bacon as you cook it, and if you put it into a hot pan, the fat will render unevenly and your bacon is going to curl and baby Jesus will cry.

5.) Turn your pan to a medium-low heat, and patiently wait for it to start cooking.

6.) Turn that bacon a bunch of times, so it cooks evenly without curling. If your bacon is curling, that means you have either a) used that cheap Farmer John bullshit, or b) cooked it too hot.

7.) Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your bacon will curl a little bit. Don’t stress, because the bacon can taste your stress, and that’s going to ruin your bacon.

8.) Decide how you want your bacon to finish: crispy, because you’re wrong about everything, or slightly crispy because you’re a human of superior taste. Take the bacon out of the pan accordingly.


10.) Save that bacon fat, and use a little bit of it to add flavor to breads (especially cornbread), or … even better … pan fry some cooked pinto beans in it, then whisk some Sriracha into a few scrambled eggs, pour them into the beans, cook, and enjoy with the magnificent bacon you just made.

11.) You can also cook bacon in the broiler, but I don’t recommend it because I prefer to eat my bacon without putting out a fire in my oven.


Source: Wil Wheaton dot Tumblr

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