Lack of Sleep Does Kill Brain Cells

Sleep Like a Baby via

Sleep Like a Baby via

A new study from Uppsala University, Sweden, shows that one night of sleep deprivation increases morning blood concentrations of NSE and S-100B in healthy young men. These molecules are typically found in the brain. Thus, their rise in blood after sleep loss may indicate that a lack of snoozing might be conducive to a loss of brain tissue. The findings are published in the journal SLEEP.

Read about the study here

Are You Deficient?

Are you deprived of this essential thing? It’s easy to diagnose:

Do you use an alarm clock to get up on most mornings? You’re probably deprived.
Do you tend to be irritable and cranky in the mornings? You’re probably deprived.
Do you need coffee or something else to get you going most days? You may well be deprived.

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