Unique and Geeky Molds for Candy, Chocolate, and Ice Cubes

Hans Solo Peanut Butter Bombs

Han in Peanutbutter

What could be more fun than making chocolates and candies out of Star Wars or Dr Who molds? Just what you need to show off your geekiness or share with your geeky sweetie. Great ice cubes for parties, too.

We’ve used these at home and they work perfectly with candy. Lots of fun, too.




Here’s some unique molds from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek  Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

ThinkGeek Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube TrayThat doesn’t really have the same sort of dramatic impact, does it? Still, that’s basically what Darth Vader meant when he was talking to Boba Fett in the bowels of Cloud City. Thankfully, you won’t need to go to such extremes if your Han Solo Ice Cubes melt. You just stick them back in the freezer and through the magic of the exothermic process you’ll have ice in no time at all. But wait, how do you get Han Solo Ice Cubes in the first place? Well, simple enough, you just use one of our Han Solo Ice Cube Trays. The Han Solo Ice Cube Tray comes with room for six (6) small, 1.75″ Han Solos and one (1) large, 3.5″ Solo. We’re pretty sure that Boba Fett would be happy with just one smuggler on ice but seven would be a serious payday! The silicone on the mold is good down to -40F so don’t try using these on Hoth. They should be fine in your average household freezer though. Product Specifications Officially-Licensed Star Wars Collectible Freezer safe down to -40F 7 Han Solos (6 small and 1 large) Still only worth one bounty Bounty Hunter Pro Tip: For crystal clear ice, boil the water twice before pouring it into the tray (allowing the water to cool between each boil). The boiling “deareates the water (i.e. forces dissolved air molecules out). This process also works on various life forms when preparing them for “long term storage”.

ThinkGeek  Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

ThinkGeek Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray

Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray Doctor Who Ice Cube TrayWe see so many yummy things being made with our various ice trays. What would you make with this tray? Ice cubes are a start, and easy. Anybody can make ice. But then, maybe use some candy melts and make a sugary blue TARDIS and three red Daleks to chase it around the time-space of your kitchen? What’s that you say? The mold makes three TARDISes? Well, yes, but you had to eat two, right? How else are you going to get the energy to play make believe? Freeze yourself some tiny TARDISes and Daleks with the Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray. Each silicone tray contains three TARDIS molds and three Dalek molds. Use the tray for ice, candies, tiny cakes, Jell-O, anything you want! It’s freezer and oven safe. Once you’re done making a delicious mess, toss it in the dishwasher. It’s that simple! Product Specifications Freeze yourself some tiny TARDISes or Daleks Use them for ice, candy molds, or for baking tiny cakes One tray contains 3 TARDIS molds and 3 Dalek molds Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible Material: Food-safe silicone Care: Dishwasher safe Dimensions: 5.5″ x 6″ (makes “cubes” that are roughly 2.5″ tall)

ThinkGeek  Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold

ThinkGeek Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold

Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold Death Star Ice SPHERE MoldHanging out on the planet Hoth all day can be boring. It’s basically a white desert with nothing but snow, robots, giant yeti monsters, and a half-finished movie theater. Troops stationed on Hoth get to see one, maybe two epic battles tops, otherwise they throw snowballs at each other and drink lots of cocoa. Yup, cocoa. This all changed with the invention of the Death Star Ice Sphere Tray. Not only could they have fancy ice for cold beverages, they could make Death Star chocolate truffles, and even Death Star soap! And as a bonus, playing baseball on the planet Hoth has never been easier! It only takes a few minutes to create an irresponsibly dangerous baseball and, when the guns become useless from freezing, you’ve got a baseball bat! Product Specifications: Create ice spheres that look like the Death Star Creates 1 Death star (how many Death stars do you need?) Made of heat and cold resistant food-safe silicone Also great for molding chocolates or soap Freezer and dishwasher safe Dimensions: 2.4″ in diameter

ThinkGeek  Boba Fett Ice Cube Tray

ThinkGeek Boba Fett Ice Cube Tray

Boba Fett Ice Cube Tray Boba Fett Ice Cube TrayThe Boba Fett Ice Tray creates ice or candies in two shapes: Fett’s iconic helmet and the Mandalorian symbol. Safe for melted chocolate, the fridge, or the freezer, this food-safe silicone tray can do it all. Each tray makes three of each shape, suitable for things like chilling your favorite adult beverage. Or eating, if it’s chocolate. Quite the bounty! Product Specifications Ice tray creates ice in the shape of Boba Fett’s helmet and Mandalorian symbol Makes 3 of each shape Can be used to make chocolates and candies too Material: Food-safe silicone, dishwasher safe (top rack) Dimensions: 6.25″ x 4.25″ x 1″

ThinkGeek  Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray

ThinkGeek Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray

Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray Star Trek Starfleet Ice TrayWe wonder if people will still use ice in the future, and we just don’t see it on the show. Maybe for a warm day on Risa, Picard would take his Earl Grey iced? Perhaps Captain Sisko wants some cold-brewed Raktajino to switch up his routine on Deep Space Nine, or surely Neelix knows of some creative and exciting drink that can help keep the Voyager crew entertained. Regardless of the drink, Starfleet officers probably get their ice from this official command shield ice cube tray. This silicone ice cube tray creates 8 ice cubes, or can be use to make chocolate, candy, or anything else that requires a silicone mold. Get creative & boldly go! Product Specifications Star Trek insignia ice cube tray Makes 8 command insignia ice cubes License: Star Trek Materials: Food-grade silicone. Dishwasher-safe, top rack

ThinkGeek  Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray

ThinkGeek Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray

Batman Ice Cube Tray Batman Ice Cube TrayWe’d say that Bruce Wayne uses these ice cubes when he throws a party, but that’s probably a big fat lie. After all, that would give away his big secret. So we’ll say that other people in Gotham who appreciate the good deeds of Batman probably use these when they throw parties. This silicone ice cube tray makes twelve bat insignia ice cubes. Not only are they the perfect addition to whatever you’re drinking while reading the new Batman comics, they also look great in Halloween party drinks. Here’s a fun party trick: Freeze tonic water in your Batman Ice Cube Tray. The quinine in tonic water will cause the bats to glow blue under black light. Now excuse us while we go join the line of people dancing the Batusi… Product Specifications Ice cube tray makes 12 bat insignia ice cubes Parties in the Bat Cave require bat-ice Made of food grade silicone Love your Batman Ice Cube Tray – hand wash, please. Dimensions: Approximately 8.5″ x 4.75″

ThinkGeek  Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray

ThinkGeek Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray

Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray Space Invaders Ice Cube TrayWhat’s cooler than Space Invaders? If you said nothing, you’d be right, unless of course you knew we were talking about temperature and not colloquial slang, in which case you’d be wrong! So, what’s cooler than Space Invaders? Space Invader ice cube trays! Originally released in 1978, Space Invaders is an iconic arcade game pivotal in the defining of video gaming. Thus, the only plausible progression for something this amazing is to turn it into something that can be physically shared via an entirely new facet of your life. Most video gamers, if not all, know of and/or have played Space Invaders. So, when your party is circling the drain, pop these into a drink and watch it come back to life! The silicone tray material makes newly formed ice cube retrieval a breeze and cleaning even easier. The temperature resistant, form-holding material is dishwasher safe and incredibly durable to keep Space Invader ice cubes in your drinks for years to come. Product Specifications: Made of food-safe silicone Incredibly durable Temperature resistant: Use them in the freezer or the oven Dishwasher safe

ThinkGeek  Pac Man Ice Cube Tray

ThinkGeek Pac Man Ice Cube Tray

Pac Man Ice Cube Tray Pac Man Ice Cube TrayYou’re in what appears to be a black hallway. The floor is black. The ceiling is black. The walls are black. It would be dark except there are glowing white orbs ahead of you, beckoning for you to come closer. So you do. Why are your shoes squeaking like that? It must be the floor. You come to the first orb, reach out to touch it, and it soaks into you. You feel GREAT! Eagerly, you skip down the black hallway, barreling into orb after orb. Then you turn the corner… It’s coming right for you!! It doesn’t look friendly. You turn to run the other way, but another one is coming from that direction! Oh noes! You close your eyes and open your mouth in prayer to whatever god has dominion over this black domain. Suddenly, the temperature plummets. You crack open an eye and see that your ghostly enemies are now brightly colored popsicles. Of course, they’re blocking the way, but now that they’re delicious sugary treats, it shouldn’t be hard to get rid of them. Start licking! Product Specifications Ice tray / candy mold for Pac-Man fans Safe to use in the freezer or oven Materials: Food-safe silicone Officially licensed Pac-Man collectible Care: Dishwasher safe (top rack) Dimensions: 6″ x 5″ x 1″

ThinkGeek  Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray

ThinkGeek Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray

Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice TrayYou’re at an Aperture Science reunion party that GLaDOS is throwing; it’s just you and a bunch of robots, a total circuit-fest. There’s no food or drinks and nobody is talking to anyone, at least in any audible language you can understand. So, it’s basically a silent gathering of robots and you’re standing alone in the corner. You found yourself some water, which was surprisingly difficult, but it’s warm. Hot, actually, because it came from a cooling tank for the incinerator. The incinerator reminds you of your old friend Companion Cube. While you’re reminiscing, GLaDOS calls out and says she has a surprise for you. She leads you to the freezer and shows you something that brings a tear to your eyes: a tray of Companion Ice Cubes. Your drink won’t scald you any longer and you finally have a friend at the party. Product Specifications Ice cube tray makes tiny, icy Companion Cubes Note: Ice burninates very quickly. Keep ice away from fire. Each tray makes 10 Companion Cube ice cubes Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible Material: Food-safe silicone rubber Dimensions: 10.75″ x 4.5″ x 1.5″


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